Trusted by Our Customers Since 2004Trusted by Our Customers Since 2004


  • Lighthouse logo designed by Thoroughbred
  • LSA Electromagnetics logo designed by Thoroughbred
  • Orchard Portman and Yarlington branding designed by Thoroughbred
  • Devon Commercial Cleaning logo & branding designed by Thoroughbred

Branding and Logos

Not sure where and how to start with branding or a logo design?

If a rebrand is something you think about, then promptly talk yourself out of due to other more pressing matters taking up your valuable time, we can help.  Most people are understandably so close to their brand and logo, taking a step back to have a long objective look can be daunting.  We guide you through the branding and logo design process, explaining the possible complexities involved.  We work at our customers pace (nudging where necessary!), working together to achieve the desired look to progress into the future.  By understanding the bigger picture we ensure the new branding and logo is designed as future proof as possible.  We ensure from the outset the brand will work in the multiple formats required, for the long term.

Branding & Logos
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