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  • The view from the Thoroughbred office

About Us

We love what we do - all things inspiring and marketing from Somerset

Every day it's Thoroughbred's mission to continue to learn. To learn about marketing, design, print, business, our clients, their customers and the drivers of change.  Our beautiful location, above the Somerset Levels keeps our marketing inspired.

Working with clients across a number of industry sectors, from the county of Somerset and beyond, we  know our customers, their business and marketing inspiration, for the long term. We know how they themselves tick and the things that matter to those who interact with their brands.

We aim to add value at every step, where necessary we challenge customers to ensure the marketing we jointly deliver is the absolute best.  Whether printed or electronic, for internal or external use, for use locally in Somerset, the UK or abroad, each job reflects on the Thoroughbred team. We therefore ensure we continue to learn and grow for the continued success of inspired marketing of our clients.

Thoroughbred’s offices overlook the stunning Somerset Levels.

The perfect location from which to Unleash Corporate Reputations.  Call us for inspiration for your marketing from within Somerset.

The view from the Thoroughbred office
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